Alpha Xi Delta

Iota Beta at California State University, Stanislaus

Recruitment FAQ

Q. How much time do I have to dedicate once I join this sorority?

Each week is different whether it consists of events, chapter meetings, and so on. The chapter is notified in advance about chapter and campus events. Academics is our main priority and want girls to strive in their academics. A member can request for personal days if they can't attend an event. 


Q. How much does it cost being in a sorority?

If you have questions about finances, you can contact our Finance & Operations Vice President Liana via email


Q. What is hazing and does Alpha Xi Delta haze?

Hazing is when any person or group inflicts or intends to inflict physical or mental harm to another individual. Alpha Xi Delta Fraternity, as well as most universities, has zero tolerance for hazing. Chapters found guilty of hazing may lose University recognition and their members may face possible legal ramifications. 


Q. I am not a freshman, can I still go through recruitment?

Yes you can! Alpha Xi Delta recruits a variety of women of all different ages and class standings. 


Q. Is there an age limit to go through recruitment?

No, there is no age limit to go through recruitment.


Q. Do I have to live in the chapter house?

The Alpha Xi Delta Iota Beta chapter does not have a chapter house and does not require you to live on campus.


Q. Can I be a part of other extracurriculars while I am a part of the sorority?

Yes, you can be part of additional extracurriculars while being a part of the chapter. We have sisters that hold positions or are members of other organizations and clubs inside/outside of campus.


Q. Where can I sign up for fall recruitment?

You can sign for the fall Panhellenic recruitment by clicking this link,